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Interview with Chad Modad about Selecting a New Vendor

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the Lean Decisions podcast.

As part of my research into lean decisions, I interview people about the decisions they make and how they make them. This podcast publishes these interviews for you to learn from them too.

At Business of Software this year, I sat down with Chad Modad, Director of Consulting at Entrance Software, about their decision to switch away from software they had outgrown and how they chose a replacement.

In this podcast, Chad talks about how they researched new software options, a curveball they got thrown after they settled on their top picks and how the decision finally got made. Listen to learn how they made their decision and how it worked out for them months later.

Show Transcript

Thank you Chad for taking the time out of Business of Software to do an interview.

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If you missed the first episode, where I interviewed Noah Kagan about the decision checklists he uses to make decisions, listen to it here.

If you have any feedback on this episode, or would like to be interviewed for my research, please leave a comment below.

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