Getting Started with Lean Decisions

Ever spend too much time making a trivial decision? Or too little making a major decision?

Lean decisions help you optimize your decisions by spending the right amount of effort for the type of decision you are making. By eliminating waste in the decision process, lean decisions help you:

  • Make decisions faster
  • Increase your success rate
  • Reduce your stress

Lean decisions help you find the right:

  • Information
    Gather only the information you need to make your decision and avoid endless hours of research.
  • Process
    Use a decision process that aligns with the importance of your decision, not too heavy and not too light.
  • Success Criteria
    Create measurable, relevant and timely criteria to determine the success of your decision.

The “lean” part is about using the minimum amount of information and process that is necessary to ensure a successful decision, and no more.

To achieve this, lean decisions rely on:

  • Patterns
    Categories of decisions used to identify common strategies, techniques and red flags.
  • Techniques
    Methods used to analyze or make a decision.
  • Insights
    Research and wisdom that aids the decision process.

The aim isn’t to have one decision process for all decisions, but to identify the context of each decision and match that to the best practices for that type of decision.

Combined together, lean decisions provide a framework you can use to make better, faster decisions.

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