The Voting Decision Pattern

What exactly is a vote? How can you improve your voting decisions? Learn about the basics about the voting decision pattern.   Read Now >

3 Types of Choice Decisions

Choice decisions involve decisions with multiple options, where the decision causes few or no contraints on future decisions.   Read Now >

5 Decision Pattern Families

Decision patterns can be grouped into families. Learn the 5 basic families to help you identify the type of decision you are making.   Read Now >

The Sunk Cost Dilemma

Don’t get caught in the sunk cost dilemma. Learn what it is and strategies for avoiding it.   Read Now >

The Go/No-Go Decision Pattern

Go/No-Go decisions are the type you make when committing to a project, person or customer. Learn processes, challenges and mitigation strategies to use when making these decisions.   Read Now >

The Conveyor Belt Decision Pattern

Buying a house, finding a job & dating often follow a Conveyor Belt pattern. Learn what makes Conveyor Belt decisions hard, plus pitfalls & strategies to use.   Read Now >

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