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48 Ways To Make Better Decisions

Get easy access to the articles on this site with these 48 tips for making better decisions.   Read Now >

8 Ways To Challenge Your Assumptions

An overview of 8 techniques that can be used to challenge assumptions and help foster creative solutions to problems.   Read Now >

How To Rank Projects: Avoid “They’re All Important!” Syndrome

5 tips on how to prevent every option or attribute being important when making a decision. Use to avoid being told that It’s all important.   Read Now >

Don’t Limit Your Options

Too often we think we have only a fixed set of options, when better alternatives exists. Learn 4 tips for how to stop limiting your options.   Read Now >

Interview with John Knox: Deciding NOT to Buy a Camera

John Knox talks about his decision NOT to buy a camera and why not to let decisions linger.   Read Now >

Make Preemptive Decisions (And Eat Less at Thanksgiving)

Say no to salespeople more often, buy fewer things when shopping and eat less at Thanksgiving by making preemptive decisions.   Read Now >

How To Spend Less Time in the Lunch Line

My friend Jonathan and I used different strategies for buying lunch at a conference. Learn what we did and what worked best.   Read Now >

Interview with John Knox about Starting a T-Shirt Business

John Knox, a mobile developer at Evernote, talks about his decision to start a t-shirt company before the Business of Software conference.   Read Now >

The Voting Decision Pattern

What exactly is a vote? How can you improve your voting decisions? Learn about the basics about the voting decision pattern.   Read Now >

How To Decide Who To Vote For (Quickly)

Apply lean principles to the decision of who to vote for. Use these 4 shortcuts to select your candidates.   Read Now >

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